DFW Piano Tuning

2020 Price List


Minor Repairs – $49 Service Call

(Included with any tuning or yearly package, assumes 30-45 minutes or less work-window)


Visual Appraisal – $39

(if planning to buy/sell)


Hourly Labor Rate – $85

(if minor repair ends up being major repair)


Full Written Appraisal – $85


Deep Cleaning of Grand Piano – $75

(Includes pulling action)


Regulation Services – $85 hourly

(this is adjusting all the components that have become loose over time/playing)


Basic Piano Tuning – $99

(Assumes tuned within the last 6-12 months, includes cleaning (no action) and minor regulation)


Extended Piano Tuning – $135

(Recommended for most new clients, assumes several years between last tuning,

includes cleaning (no action) and minor regulation)


Needle Voicing – $125

(Restoring hammers to designed condition, $75 if chosen with a tuning)


Basic Piano Tuning with Pitch Raise – $170

(Recommended for most pianos that haven’t been serviced in 3 years +,

includes cleaning (no action) and minor regulation)


Bridle Strap Replacement – $250


Half Day Service – $299

(Includes deep cleaning, minor regulation, pitch raise (if necessary), and voicing. Recommended every 3-5 years)


Annual Package – $349

(Includes 2 yearly tunings & unlimited services calls at priority level (48-72 hours).


Keytop Replacement – $400


Moving Services

(All prices assume a first floor to first floor move, within 10 miles with less than 4 steps/stairs. Additional costs will apply outside these parameters.)


Spinet/Console piano – $230

Upright Grand – $330

Baby Grand – $330

Grand piano over 7ft 6′ – $430