Why buy through us? Simple. All of our pianos are in the current homes of their owners, meaning you won’t be paying dealer commission markups, storage costs, electricity costs to maintain the health of the piano, etc. Think of us as the trustworthy piano “craigslist” of DFW. Each piano is inspected and approved to sell, meeting all of our quality standards. You won’t get a piano that you’ll regret buying that has issues you didn’t know about or expect to pay for repairs!


See our available pianos below!

Baldwin SD-10, 1974 9ft Concert Grand – $30,000

 https://www.dfwpianotuning.com/baldwin-sd-10/ ‎


1999 Samick SG-185 – $9900



Hyundai 4’7 Baby Grand – $4995



1926 Schaff Baby Grand – $3995

https://www.dfwpianotuning.com/1926-schaff-bros/ ‎


Wurlitzer Baby Grand – $2000

https://www.dfwpianotuning.com/wurlitzer-baby-grand/ ‎




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Do you have a piano that you are wanting to sell? Please consider partnering up with us to post your piano here with us online. What you’ll get…

  • A full in-home inspection of the piano
  • A written or verbal appraisal report of the piano’s private party market value
  • Internet postings and listings online through our website, with paid advertising leading customers to our website
  • No hassle viewings scheduled on your terms of the piano
  • Quick and easy payouts post-sale

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