dfw piano tuningIf you are trying to determine how much piano tuning costs in the DFW area, you’ve come to the right place. At DFW Piano Tuning, we provide exceptional service and have prices that are typically more affordable than our competitors. Our prices are listed below and while we generally cost less than our competitors our service is just as good or better.
Please review the piano tuning prices below based on how long it has been since your piano was tuned last. If you like our prices and are ready to book a technician to come to your house and tune your piano, you’ll find a booking form at the bottom of this page.

Basic Piano Tuning Cost – $95

This service is perfect if your piano was tuned within the last year. It is also important that it has not dropped greater than 10 cents below pitch (A=440). At DFW Piano Tuning we are also able to give this price if you prefer that the piano only be tuned in relation to itself, which is fine if you don’t plan on playing with other instrumentalists or along with recorded music. If your piano is more than 40 years old, it is typically best not to stress the strings too much by tuning to A=440 and we recommend just tuning in relation to itself.

Basic Piano Tuning with Pitch Raise Cost – $135

If a piano has not been serviced for a long time, its pitch may have fallen well below A- 440. Consequently, each of its approximately 220 strings needs to be tightened quite a bit, adding a great deal of additional tension to the instrument’s structure.

The issue is that as each string is tightened, the additional load causes the pitch of the other strings to change. Thus, it is not possible to make a large change in pitch that results in a fine, accurate tuning in a single step. Instead, something we call “pitch raising” must first be done, where all strings are raised to their correct average tension levels. (Likewise when a piano’s pitch is higher than normal, a pitch lowering procedure must be done to reduce string tensions to approximately correct levels.)

Only once this is complete can the piano be correctly tuned. This is one of the reasons we recommend annual tunings so that your piano never gets into this situation.

All Day Service – $450

The All-Day Service is the full service option for your piano. This entails a thorough cleaning of the piano, full tuning to A=440, regulation services, voicing services, and also any small repairs that may be needed for your piano. We recommend this every 3-5 years, especially for those who are serious about keeping their piano in excellent shape.

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