DFW Piano Tuning is hiring! If you’ve come this far, you’re either a Piano Technician checking out the competition, a curious client, or someone with a passion for tuning – like us! So, assuming it’s the latter of the 3, let’s proceed.

Do you currently have a client base, but would like to expand your working hours?

Would you like a guaranteed weekly paycheck?

Would you like a flexible schedule based upon YOUR availability for additional clients?

If so, being a partner associate with DFW Piano Tuning may be exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Being a part of the team allows several benefits. First, you’ll be a part of the most organized and visible Piano Tuning and Repair company in DFW. We invest in our company for long term growth and exposure. That’s why your schedule could potentially be completely full 2 weeks in advance – and that’s just with the clients WE send to YOU.

2. Each member of the team is trained and assigned an ipad with the latest tuning software. We all know that every tuner has his or her own preferences – and that’s fine. However, members of the DFW Piano Tuning team abide by a company standard of tuning and temperament. I (Thomas) have yet to find an aural tuner who can tune with the accuracy of today’s software.

3. You’ll be given a credit card reader to process payments, business cards with your DFW Piano Tuning info, and identifying company work wear. Everything else takes care of itself. You’ll receive notifications on your calendar or email with new booking info as it comes in.


Must be 18 years of age or older. Must hold current status with the PTG (if not a current member, arrangements can be made). Registered Piano Technicians preferred, but not mandatory. Must pass a tuning observation by Thomas Woods. Must be able to perform a piece of music post-tuning (non-pianists need not apply).

Sound promising? Send us an email below!